Top 5 WooCommerce Product Tabs Plugins


The design and presentation of a landing page matter the most. The online users tend to scan a web page and grab the key information in a few seconds, which compels you to devise a presentation structure for displaying details about products. The addition of tabs is one of the result-proven strategies in helping the users grab maximum product information.

In WooCommerce, you can easily create global as well as product specific tabs with a simple installation of plugins. It allows you to separately display a product description, features, how it works, return policy, etc, on the landing pages. For your help, we have received the top 5 WooCommerce product tabs plugins to select from.

  1. WooCommerce Tabs Plugin

WooCommerce Product Tabs extension enables you to brilliantly display product information in different tabs. It allows you to segregate entire product information in readable chunks by creating multiple tabs. For example, create separate tabs for product description, reviews, shopping info and return policy.  It helps the users to click a tab that carries the information they are looking for.

With the help of this tool, you can create global as well as product specific tabs. The creation of global tabs simplifies the task of adding common information to products. You need to add information in global tabs once and display them on all product pages. For example, the tabs for return policy, disclaimer, information notes, etc.

You can also customize the product tabs to mold it for the information you want to display. It allows you to display images, videos, and text. Sorting the tabs is also allowed to improve the presentation of information. The WYSIWYG editor allows you to review the text while writing it, which removes ambiguities in its presentation.

  1. Custom Product Tabs


WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs module is helping merchants to easily manage the display of information on product pages. It allows you to add custom tabs that display specific data about the products. It gives you the freedom to create tabs for the entire products you have in the catalog or the selected ones.

Add product tabs and customize them to your define your product precisely. You can create numerous tabs that allow you to rack the kind of information you need to display. Upload images, embed videos or write compelling copies for the tab.

  1. Tab Control Pro

WooCommerce Tab Control Pro extension gives the merchants a control on managing product information in various tabs. It allows you to create new tabs, arrange them and remove the irrelevant ones. It also offers you to create general tabs that can be applicable to all the products, whereas specific tabs creation is also permitted.

The tabs you create are completely customizable. You can opt to add any kind of content, let it be text, images, videos, or any file format. The rich text editor gives you immense choice to format the color, type, and size of fonts for displaying information.

  1. WooCommerce Custom Product Tabs

With WooCommerce Custom Product tabs plugin you can define a readable structure for product pages by add informational tabs. The tool allows you to remove the default tabs and create custom tabs that only contain relevant information. The landing pages of your product may include scattered information, so it better to segregate them in different tabs.

The custom product tabs extension empowers you to customize tabs for specific products or an entire category. The global tabs include information that is common to multiple pages on your website. so you create and customize a global tab and attach it will all the relevant pages. In a result, you save a lot of time in writing and displaying similar information over and again.

  1. WooCommerce Tab Manager

The WooCommerce tab manager tool is allowing the store administrators to plan a presentable display of product information in tabs. It allows the addition of general and product-relevant tabs. It facilitates you to share a single tab with multiple pages if the products bear common information. It can save a lot of your valuable time.

With the creation of global tabs, you can curate general information in appealing tabs and let them display on various landing pages. It sets you free in re-writing and arranging the same content on multiple pages.


The presentation of information on any landing page greatly matters in improving the leads and conversions. The addition and customization of tabs on the product pages are the effective ways to manage the presentation. The users, who are not interested in reading the entire web page, can click the tabs and read the relevant information. You can install a WooCommerce product tabs plugin from a reliable vendor and start personalizing product pages.

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